About Sam

I started my homeopathic training in 2011 at the School of Homeopathy in Stroud, and qualified in 2015. To be able to practice homeopathy is a huge pleasure and a great privilege. 

My interest in homeopathy began in 2005 when my first child was a baby. He had several chronic health complaints and was prescribed endless antibiotics, steroid creams and other medication, but I eventually started realising that he was simply not a healthy child, and these medicines were not improving his overall health. I began taking him to a lovely homeopath and very gradually his health improved; it was a long journey to restore his health and strengthen his immune system, but I was and remain convinced that without homeopathy he would not be the active, healthy, happy teenager that he is today. Both he and his younger sister have responded extremely well to homeopathic treatment during times of ill health, and I will always be grateful for how much it has helped them.

While my son was still a baby, on the advice of my homeopath I purchased one of Helios’ famous “blue boxes” and over time I became a total convert. My husband and I began seeing the homeopath ourselves, and by the time our daughter was born, I had purchased Miranda Castro’s book and a few other homeopathic books, and was hooked. Homeopathy soon became the main form of healing we used as a family, for both acute and chronic complaints.

I bought more health and homeopathy books over the following years, relishing this new interest. Friends caught my enthusiasm and began ringing me for acute remedy advice for them or their children!

When we decided to move from southwest London to the Cotswolds in 2011, I enrolled onto the School of Homeopathy’s 4 year practitioner course. It was a powerful and truly amazing experience. The most humbling and enjoyable part has been my ability to participate in my patients’ healing journeys; this is rewarding and life-enhancing beyond anything I could previously imagine.

The joy of homeopathy is the way in which it deals with the whole person, rather than simply the presenting physical or emotional symptoms. We are all far more than the sum of our ailments, after all!

Most of my patients are babies, toddlers and children; right from the start, I wanted to specialise in children, having personally been through the difficult experience of coping with a sick child. However, I have also been able to help many adult patients with a very wide range of health ailments, including serious chronic disease. My current patients range in age from newborn to 85 years old, and everything in between!

I love studying and continuing with my professional development; to this end I attend regular seminars, and I have also completed a course in Bach Flower Remedies for Homeopaths (Bach Centre Levels 1 and 2), nutritional supplementation training, homeobotanical therapy and I am a qualified CEASE (homeopathic detox therapy) practitioner. I am also a registered hair tissue mineral analysis practitioner (HTMA) and am part-way through formal nutrition training with the School of Health, in order to obtain a diploma in nutrition. These various therapies are all proving to be a wonderful addition to my practice.

I am a fully registered member of the Society of Homeopaths which is the main governing body for homeopaths in the UK. This means that I abide by the Society's Code of Ethics and Practice, and I am fully licensed and hold professional insurance. 

I aim to tread as lightly on our planet as possible. To this end, I am registered with ICO for Data Protection, and am therefore able to run an almost completely paper-free office, with the exception of business cards and printed invoices on request, all of which are printed on recycled paper. Where possible, I cycle, walk or use public transport to get to my patient consultations.