Homeobotanical therapy, Bach remedies, nutrition and HTMA

Homeobotanical therapy

Homeobotanical remedies are a powerful, synergistic blend of organic herbal combinations in liquid form, that are potentised homoeopathically and are selectively chosen to target specific organs and systems in our body. A selection of remedies are blended together into an individual prescription; their spheres of action (nutrition, detoxification and stabilistation) enable them to help the body to rebalance itself. I am a qualified homeobotanical therapist and love treating people using these remedies. Please take a look at www.homeoherbs.co.uk for more information and drop me a line if you're particularly interested in reducing your body's toxicity.

Bach Flower remedies

Bach Flower remedies have particular use in various emotional disturbances such as anger, fright, jealousy, indecision and so on. They can stand alone or be used in combinations of up to 5 essences. They are also complementary to homeopathic remedies and support a patient on constitutional treatment when unexpected disturbances arise during treatment, or when the patient is struggling with a particularly challenging emotional situation such as family problems, bereavement and so on. I have completed levels 1 and 2 of the Bach Flower remedies for homeopathic practitioner course. Have a look at www.bachcentre.com to find out more about these wonderful remedies.


The influence of food should not be underestimated; it is one of the best routes towards achieving improved overall health. As part of the homeopathic consultation, I am very happy to give some nutritional and supplemental advice that you can easily incorporate into your healing journey. I obtained a Nutritional Advisor diploma from the School of Health in 2019 and love learning and sharing information about the wonders of good food and its role in a healthy lifestyle.

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA)

I am a registered HTMA practitioner (with Analytical Research Labs in the USA). HTMA is an extremely useful, in-depth way of finding out about mineral deficiencies within the body, as well as imbalanced mineral ratios and the presence of potentially toxic heavy metals. I offer advice on nutrition and supplements to help to reduce the symptoms that crop up in the analysis report. I have discovered that HTMA works very well either in conjunction with or without constitutional homeopathic treatment for addressing all physical, mental and emotional imbalances. Please contact me if you would like to know more about this.