Patient testimonials

"Thank you for your support. You are giving me faith in myself which is taking my anxiety away and that is of course also important for my daughter's wellbeing." (Mother of child patient, Stroud)

"Thank you so much for clearly choosing him the perfect remedy. It’s been such a different week for us all and so lovely to have our happy boy back again." (Mother of child patient, Glos)

You are SO GREAT. Of all the homeopaths I have used you are the most responsive, clear and ‘on it’. Also so approachable. THANK YOU (JM, Stroud)

When you consult Sam you are being guided by a sure-footed homeopath. She uses her winning combination of keen intuitive skills and consummate professionalism to help you on your health journey. I highly recommend her. (H, Stroud)

Thank you so much, the remedy worked well and we are through the worst ... We are so grateful for homeopathy and you as well. (C, Glos)

Sam is a warm, knowledgeable person who is passionate about homeopathy. I had tried many things before I went to Sam and did not hold out much hope to be honest.  In just a month I saw a marked difference,  I have also seen her with my son. She had a gentle way with him which made him feel at ease.  Recently, I called Sam on leaving the doctors when my son was ill.  She made time in her very busy schedule to tend to the immediacy of the situation and gave him a remedy which worked within two hours.  There was a marked improvement by bedtime and I was so pleased with how much better my child was.  I would highly recommend seeing Sam. (V, Stroud)

Sam is magical, she has been treating my family for a year now. She is fantastic with children as well as being a wonderful, kind, sensitive & understanding homeopath. I highly recommend ******. (N, Glos)

I simply could not imagine facing my current health issues without Sam. For 6 months Sam's contribution through Homeopathy (and much more) has undoubtedly assisted my body and mind and I value her compassion and intuition. I have total faith in her professionalism and her research on my behalf (for my rare and complicated medical diagnosis) has been very much appreciated. I feel absolutely safe in her hands and would recommend Sam without a breath of hesitation. (J, Gloucestershire) 

My mobility had been reducing slowly over several years, and after a summer of poor health and being on and off crutches, I was offered long term medication to alleviate pain and stabilise my condition. Not being very keen on life long medication, I sought an alternative and found Sam. Four months later I can walk without pain, I can skip and jump (which my 5 year old daughter has NEVER seen me do!), and I have forgotten where I put my crutches. I am astounded, delighted, amazed and beyond grateful. Thank you. (N, Stroud)

I visited this wonderful practitioner, having always favoured alternative medicine, and was absolutely overwhelmed by the depth of understanding and care she gave me in just a very short session. Please see this amazing lady before you run to the doctor for poisons for your ailments. I was somewhat skeptical that these tiny white remedies could really be the answer, but I can categorically state they are and they can. Sam has a wealth of knowledge and I would like to highly recommend her for any aspects of physical and mental worries that you are experiencing. Thank you Sam. (L, London)

I have found Sam very organised, supportive, accessible and homeopathically sound. During consultations I have felt safe and 'heard'. For me personally these aspects are as important as the homeopathic remedies themselves. (S, Stroud)

Sam was from the beginning a great help, very professional and sensitive. (A, Austria)

My son is very happy, laughing lots and very cheerful. Something we haven't seen for quite some time! Happy child = happy mum and happy family. All round amazing really! We are loving it. Thank you soooo much! (A, Stroud)

Disclaimer: the above statements from patients do not represent evidence that homeopathy works, but are the personal opinions of people whom homeopathy has helped. I am not allowed by the Advertising Standards Authority to imply that homeopathic treatment or nutritional advice can help any specific medical condition(s). I would like to make it clear that these statements are not meant to imply that a particular homeopathic remedy or nutritional supplement can cure a specific medical condition. This is not how I believe that homeopathy or nutritional supplementation works. You may however note from these unedited comments that people who have been diagnosed with a wide range of medical conditions have reported that they have experienced an apparent benefit from homeopathy and/or nutritional advice.