Coping with seasonal stress and anxiety

Traditionally known as the season of goodwill to all men, this time of year is meant to be joyful and happy, but for some of us, it may be anything but. There are many possible reasons for this – financial worries, having to face spending time with challenging relatives, complicated travel plans, too many social events or shopping trips to deal with, or simply the overwhelm of dealing with the crowds of jostling people on the streets, in shops and so on – all the while having to continue juggling our ongoing family and work responsibilities.

Homeopathy can be a wonderful way to help with periods of anxiety and stress. Remedies can help the body and mind to find inner focus and calm, thereby reducing exhaustion and over-riding worry.

Remedy suggestions

These are some remedies that you may want to try. As always though, for long term stress or anxiety, or if you don’t feel you match with any of these remedies, it would be best to have a more in-depth session with a professional homeopath. Feel free to get in touch with me, or look for one in your area

Argentum Nitricum: a great choice for anticipatory anxiety, such as an upcoming event, performance, exam and so on. The person may also feel dizzy and/or have an upset stomach, and sometimes craves sweet food.

Gelsemium: as well as being the number one choice for flu or heavy/exhausting colds, Gelsemium is also worth trying if the person lacks clarity of mind, or feels particularly heavy in spirits before a forthcoming event. Particularly good for introverted or quiet people who get very nervous in social situations.

Lycopodium: another good choice for upcoming performances, as well as public speaking, particularly where the person has self-confidence issues (overly confident as well as lacking in confidence). There tend to be lots of digestive symptoms, including bloating, flatulence and diarrhoea, and sometimes also food intolerances.

Nux Vomica: a great choice for treating the after-effects of over-indulgence (alcohol, spicy food etc) as well as a generally excessive or overly busy lifestyle, including working long hours, lots of travel and so on. Particularly suits “work hard play hard” types, who are prone to irritability and exhaustion. And hangovers!

Some other ideas for combatting stress

  • Simplify your life: this is really key, in my opinion. Cut back more on what you commit to, so that you don’t become overwhelmed and even more stressed because you have taken on too much. Be realistic about what you can achieve and/or expect... This is especially important if you have young children, or you will end up very depleted by the end of the Christmas holidays.
  • Unplug: if you are not working that day, and don’t need to be on call, leave your mobile phone switched off. Enjoy uninterrupted quality time with your loved ones – or cherish the solitude of a good book, a refreshing walk or whatever sparks joy for you.
  • Going for a walk or run, ideally in nature: a wonderful way to boost our body’s energy levels and reduce cortisol, one of the body’s main stress hormones. Doctors are even recommending "green prescriptions" and there are findings that suggest that time in nature can be more effective than drugs (web link here

If you have enjoyed this post, please feel free to share it and also I'd love to hear your thoughts on dealing with seasonal stress.