Homeopathy for babies, children and families

Homeopathy is a wonderful way to help bring your baby or child back into balance following illness, or for helping with acute (short duration) or chronic (long term or lingering) conditions. I have treated many children, with chronic conditions including sleep problems, bedwetting, asthma, hayfever, eczema, fungal infections, acne, food allergies, joint pain, constipation, gastrointestinal symptoms, ENT disorders, recurrent UTIs, developmental delays, shyness, anxiety and behavioural problems, as well as children with autistic spectrum disorder (ASD). Typical acute childhood ailments that benefit from homeopathy include chickenpox, molluscum, measles, D&V bugs as well as flu and common colds.

Children are at the very heart of what I do; I absolutely love working with babies and children. My experience is that infants and children tend to respond very quickly and very well to homeopathic remedies. Parents are frequently astounded at the difference in their children in a relatively short space of time; this is incredibly rewarding and wonderful to see.

I have noticed that by treating the mother (or other main caregiver) as well as the child/children, the action of the remedies is far more powerful. This is particularly relevant with breastfeeding mothers (I generally treat both mother and baby at the same time in this situation), but equally applies to older children; the relationship between all family members is enhanced considerably if they are all receiving homeopathic treatment. The whole family benefits and can move forward together in health and happiness.