Homeopathy for coughs and colds

Lovely though these bright, crisp autumnal days are, the season of coughs and colds is now also upon us. Some people sail through these with barely a sniffle, whilst others become very debilitated with various viral symptoms and end up feeling quite unwell, sometimes for several days or even weeks. Here are a few remedy ides that may help with minor coughs and colds, depending on the symptoms:

Aconite: a good choice if you catch the onset of symptoms right at the beginning – sometimes a tell-tale sore throat or a few seemingly random sneezes, which may herald the start of a virus. You can often nip it in the bud with a dose or two of Aconite.

Ant tart: the cough is very wet / stuck and may be accompanied by vomiting (Drosera is worth looking at for vomiting with coughing too).

Arsenicum: nasal discharges are burning and watery, although the patient may feel chilly.

Bryonia: a dry cough that is worse for movement. May be accompanied by chest pain or headaches.

Gelsemium: the cold symptoms are accompanied by flu-like aching.

Hepar sulph: very sore or hoarse throat.

Kali bich: nasal discharge is thick, stringy and yellow

Pulsatilla: profuse greenish yellow discharges and in children there is clinginess and whining. Coughs are dry at night and loose in the morning.

Nat mur: there is lots of sneezing and a constantly dripping nose.

Silica: cold symptoms hang around and are slow to go.

Note – if you are currently undergoing constitutional homeopathic treatment, always let your homeopath know if you are thinking about taking any other remedies. Always seek medical attention if you are concerned about your or your child’s health.