Homeopathy for post-viral fatigue

It has been a long time since my last blog post. Like most people, I have found the past two years extremely challenging on every level.

Having not only had Covid myself quite recently (along with my husband and children) but having also helped many people through the acute stages of the virus since the start of the pandemic, I have noticed that whilst the acute period can be horrible, it is the ailments that come afterwards that tend to cause the most problems. When a symptom becomes chronic, this means that although the patient has overcome the worst of the viral symptoms, the lingering symptoms remain and seem to last far longer than the main acute period of the illness. With coronavirus specifically I have seen patients with ongoing breathing difficulties or chest pain, as well as gastrointestinal disorders, nausea, dizziness, brain fog and other symptoms, but by far the most common post-viral side effect from Covid that I have witnessed (and experienced personally) is fatigue. Complete and utter exhaustion after performing the smallest tasks or attempting even a short walk. Chores and basic household management feel overwhelming; even a good night’s sleep (or several in a row) is not enough to stave off the persistent tiredness.

Is there anything you can do about this? Well, I’m not going to promise you a miracle or an overnight cure. There is no denying that the coronavirus spike protein plays havoc with the body’s immune system, considerably prolonging the usual recovery phase for many people.

Having said that, there are some remedies that seem to help with post-viral fatigue. Phos ac (Phosphoric acid) is particularly suitable for those who are prone to burn out or “burning the candle at both ends”; physically I have noticed that the cough remains persistent beyond the acute phase in Phos ac patients, and the exhaustion is quite extreme and debilitiating. China is also a good remedy if fatigue is the main symptom, especially if the patient is dehydrated and/or feeling bloated. Ipecac is worth considering if there is tiredness that is accompanied by dizziness on standing / exertion, and/or waves of nausea. Compare this remedy with Arsenicum as the same symptoms are often indicated, although Arsenicum may also be suffering with insomnia after Covid, and is particularly desperate to rush back to normal levels of activity due to feelings of restlessness.

Please bear in mind though, that if a well indicated remedy fails to help with your symptoms, your best bet is to book a consultation with your homeopath as there may be other issues that need addressing. Remember – with homeopathy we are looking at uncovering the root cause, which usually needs a full session with a professional in order to prescribe a good constitutional remedy.

It isn’t that many decades since a period of convalescence was the norm following acute illness; these days we are expected (or expect from ourselves) to quickly return to previous levels of activity, rather than simplify our lives and just slow down for a few weeks while we recover our health gradually. We become frustrated if we feel too exhausted to “get back to normal” as soon as the worst of the symptoms subside. In reality, if we can try to be more patient and ease ourselves back to life more gently and slowly, giving in to the tiredness and just enjoying the opportunity to rest and relax, our mental and emotional health will also benefit from these lower levels of activity while we ease our way back to full health.